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Soul Intent is a group of musicians from across all walks of life. Most of us started playing back in the 1960's and have carried on through to this day.  All in the group have played in the most popular bands in the area. These include  The Rhondels, The Sting Rays, Fat Ammon's Band, Freesilver, The Chaparrals, Undercover, Groovetide and Slapnation, just to name a few. We currently feature a complete horn section and four of the area's top vocalist. We perform on a regular basis all over Virginia and North Carolina at a variety of venues.

‚ÄčIt is important to note that Soul Intent is a dance and party band.  Whether you are a club owner or you are putting on a private affair, Soul Intent will get your guest or clientele on the dance floor. If you are a club owner,  please note that Soul Intent has a loyal following.